Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Heaven's never enough, we will never be fooled

Just a quick post...forgot to mention yesterday that I did actually do something half way interesting in the week and painted my nails. Not very impressive (or interesting) but just tried to re-create something out of a magazine. Used Barry M in Peach Melba all over; which is a lovely colour once you've got it on but is a complete pain and insists on been as streaky as is possible so ended up having to do two thin coats and (my pet hate) a thick coat over the top to hide the mess underneath! So in my quest for even nails I now have a very thick coating! Then I just went over the tips with a gold glitter nail varnish (from a shop near where I live which is basically just a value shop but does have some really good products) and then used a tooth pick to spread it a little way down my nails. So yeah, not very interesting but after a week of not blogging (and not much else) I was clutching at straws!!
Oh, and please do excuse my lovely pajamas in the background (I told you I had a 'lazy week'!!)

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I still feel you and the taste of cigarettes

[Left Picture] Jumper: £18; Vintage. Shirt: £18; Vintage. Jeans: £20 (Originally £40); Topshop Sale.
[Right Picture] Morrissey Tee: £15; Blue Rinse. Shorts: £32; Topshop.

Well firstly I'm going to start off by apologising for my lack of posts recently but I haven't really been in the mood and (to be completely honest)  haven't got dressed much this past week!
Not exactly an outfit post but just a couple of thing I've worn on the rare occasion I did actually bother to get dressed and leave the house. Neither are really very interesting so don't really have much to say about them if I'm honest. So might as well move onto Christmas! 
I don't really like Christmas very much (for personal reasons, more than anything) but it was as ok as it could be this year. I mean I did get lots of lovely things and I'm not ungrateful in the slightest (in fact I was slightly annoyed with my mum for the amount of money she must have spent on me because I know that there are far more important things she needs to spend money on!!) I'll blog properly about what I got another time but I mainly got clothes, money and the normally Chrismassy baths things etc.
Don't really have much else to say other than I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

She don't think straight

Denim shirt: £18; Vintage. Jumper: £18; Vintage. Leggings: £14; Topshop. Belt: £5; H&M (Old)

Well I didn't really do much today but thought I'd still do an outfit post! I've have unintentionally done something that I hate though...wear something that consists of mainly 'vintage' clothes I promise I'm not trying to be 'hipster' I just prefer vintage to most other clothes I think they have so much more character and you can almost guarantee you won't end up wearing the same thing as someone else!
The jumper is one I bought yesterday on my shopping trip (which I blogged about here) . It was only £18 which I thought was quite a good price and is from Blue Rinse in Leeds, one of my favourite shops by far!! I just wore a denim shirt underneath with I have already blogged about here, to create my ever famous (in my own head of course) shirt and jumper combo I always seem to stick to. Then I just chucked on a pair of Topshop leggings, which are actually amazing! I was a bit dubious about paying £14 for a pair of leggings (I'm normally and £2 Primark leggings kind of girl!) But they're are really thick material and amazingly warm. Plus, they suck my tummy and legs in a bit which MUST be a good thing!!
Well, I'll leave it there before I start talking complete rubbish and will probably post either tomorrow or Monday about what else I got on my little shopping trip the other day! Speak soon!

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Friday, 16 December 2011

They say: 'be brave, there's a right way and a wrong way'

'Shirt': £17; Primark. Shorts: £25; Vintage. Belt: £5; H&M (Old). Jumper: £12; Vintage. Necklace: £2-50; Primark.

Wooo, check me out...two posts in one day! I'm on fire!
Well after my pointless morning in college I, later, went shopping for Christmas presents etc. with my friend Jess and so decided a change of outfit was in order because to be honest the weather completely changed within a few hours.
Pretty much everything I am wearing I have already blogged about (I know, I'm terrible) so, therefore, I don't have much to say really. Apart from the 'shirt' being the dress I blogged about a few days ago I have been dying to wear it but with the wind today I didn't dare wear it as a dress - lucky for the population of Leeds who I'm pretty sure won't be disappointed at not seeing me flash parts of my body that just shouldn't be on show, so I just tucked it into my shorts and wore it as a shirt under my jumper.
Bought a few nice things today which I shall more than likely blog about tomorrow. Speak soon you beautiful people!
-Oh and please do excuse the state of my room I took the pictures in a rush before I left and my brain can't handle having more than one thing to think about so, therefore, due to looking at the clock I completely disregarded keeping all my rubbish out of the pictures. I, also, have a bad feeling that I just used disregarded in the wrong context, dammit!

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We were hoping for some romance

Jacket: £40?; Topshop. Shirt: £32; Topshop. Jumper: £10; Primark. Jeans: £20 (Orginally £40); Topshop Sale. Necklace: £2-50; Primark.

What is this? Shock horror! Actually some light pictures for once. For the simple reason I have had THE most pointless day in the history of pointless days ever and got sent home from college at 9:20am, keeping in mind I arrived at 9:00am. Words can't even describe how annoyed I was.
Ergh anyway, moving on before I have a massive rant!! I didn't really have much inspiration at half 6 this morning when I got dressed so hence this outfit was born! I was mainly going for staying as warm as I could (yes, I did put a pair of tights on under my jeans this morning!) because when I looked out the window all I saw was a bleak, horrible looking sky! I appear to have unintentionally dressed almost head to toe in Topshop with the exception of my jumper (which I thought was quite a bargain at a tenner!) The jeans are actually the only pair that I own that I actually wear, I'm normally more of shorts/skirt and tights person because I have the whole 'I don't look like I've made any effort if I wear jeans' complex (that probably explains everyone's shock at college last week when I wore them for the first time) but this pair are really nice and the material is lovely. They are actually really big on me (which I have only just noticed) and so I do spend most of my time hoisting them back up again when I'm walking. Oh and of course my obligatory shirt under the jumper features as well! I got this shirt a while back from Topshop and wear it all the time now!
Well, I'll love and leave you there...I probably won't blog much over Christmas (or at least not outfit posts) because -and as bad as this sounds, I probably won't be getting dressed or making the effort for most of my Christmas holidays off, yep I'm really that lazy!!
So Merry Christmas lovely people!!

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tonight make me unstoppable

Denim Shirt: £18; Vintage. Jumper: £30; Tee and Cake (Sold at Topshop). Shorts: £32; Topshop. Necklace: Made.

Wow, only just realising how dreadful I look on these pictures guys! Oh well. The damage is done now...lets just hope I didn't look like this all day!!
Yes, I know...I am wearing the same shorts as yesterday (sorry!) I do have a habit of doing that though. I can't just wear something for one day I nearly always drag it onto the next, mainly because I wake up later and it's just whatever is on the floor next to my bed (I know...shoot me!)
Moving onto my outfit though. My shirt (which you can only see the collar of) is from a vintage shop in Leeds that I can't remember the name of but for anyone that knows Leeds it's near Blue Rinse! It was only £18 and I always wear shirts so I thought it was quite a good price for the amount of times I'm going to wear it. My jumper is from Tee and Cake which is sold at Topshop and when I saw it I literally had to have it. As you've probably already guessed I do like a bit of 'geek chic' and so fell in love instantly. I probably made a mistake getting my usual size 6 (this is simply because I'm short not because I have a gorgeously slim figure, just putting it out there!) as it is a bit of a struggle fitting anything under it and does have a tendency to make me look like I have the arms of a six foot tall wrestler! But I did get a compliment on my jumper today from the girl working in Blue Rinse which put me in a good mood!! The shorts -as I have already mentioned, are just the same from yesterdays post. My necklace -which to be honest, is hardly visible in any of the pictures was just made from a chain off an old Primark necklace and some rings I got in the Miss Selfridge jewelry sale for a couple of pounds. So yes everyone, I did 'double denim it' slightly today but everyone needs to double up on the denim at least once and I actually think it looks pretty nice just as long as both pieces are in different shades.
Well I'm 99% sure I have some form of college work I should be doing so I'll leave you there.
Oh and one final thing. Reading this back it seems as if brackets and exclamation marks are my thing today - ooops.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

She said I'm going use my teeth and my breasts

Cape: Originally £25 Bought for £5 (Off a friend); River Island. T-Shirt: £35; Urban Outfitters. Shorts: £32; Topshop.

Once again, apologies for my hair and make up. It all relates back to my whole 'not being able to look amazing all day' thing! Sorry, also, for slacking on the blogging yesterday, I was having a 'down day' (which I normally do around this time of year, unfortunately!) So I wouldn't have been much fun and would have probably spent most of my blog complaining and putting everyone else in as bad of a mood as myself!
Moving on though, I did vow that I would always try and blog true to what I actually wore but, alas, I have already fallen at that hurdle! I did slightly alter what I wore today before I took the pictures simply because the top and jumper I wore today I had already mentioned in my blog and considering the small amount of posts I didn't want to become 'samey' too quickly!
The cape was originally from River Island but I got it off a friend at a fraction of the price when she realised that she didn't have anything in her wardrobe she could wear with it (yay for me!) It is such a good piece to have because it is good to throw on over whatever your wearing to keep you warm and I love the faux fur detail on it. The shorts have become another staple of mine (as well as the vintage shorts I blogged about the other day) They literally go with anything and don't make my legs look as fat as they are in reality's not all bad! The t-shirt is one of my favorites and yes - I did buy it because I am a huge Nirvana fan not just for novelty value (one of my pet hates!!!)
Well not really much to say about my outfit today -mainly because it isn't particularly interesting! So I am once again going to love and leave you there!

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