Friday, 16 December 2011

We were hoping for some romance

Jacket: £40?; Topshop. Shirt: £32; Topshop. Jumper: £10; Primark. Jeans: £20 (Orginally £40); Topshop Sale. Necklace: £2-50; Primark.

What is this? Shock horror! Actually some light pictures for once. For the simple reason I have had THE most pointless day in the history of pointless days ever and got sent home from college at 9:20am, keeping in mind I arrived at 9:00am. Words can't even describe how annoyed I was.
Ergh anyway, moving on before I have a massive rant!! I didn't really have much inspiration at half 6 this morning when I got dressed so hence this outfit was born! I was mainly going for staying as warm as I could (yes, I did put a pair of tights on under my jeans this morning!) because when I looked out the window all I saw was a bleak, horrible looking sky! I appear to have unintentionally dressed almost head to toe in Topshop with the exception of my jumper (which I thought was quite a bargain at a tenner!) The jeans are actually the only pair that I own that I actually wear, I'm normally more of shorts/skirt and tights person because I have the whole 'I don't look like I've made any effort if I wear jeans' complex (that probably explains everyone's shock at college last week when I wore them for the first time) but this pair are really nice and the material is lovely. They are actually really big on me (which I have only just noticed) and so I do spend most of my time hoisting them back up again when I'm walking. Oh and of course my obligatory shirt under the jumper features as well! I got this shirt a while back from Topshop and wear it all the time now!
Well, I'll love and leave you there...I probably won't blog much over Christmas (or at least not outfit posts) because -and as bad as this sounds, I probably won't be getting dressed or making the effort for most of my Christmas holidays off, yep I'm really that lazy!!
So Merry Christmas lovely people!!

Listening to; We Are Scientists-I Don't Bite

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