Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tonight make me unstoppable

Denim Shirt: £18; Vintage. Jumper: £30; Tee and Cake (Sold at Topshop). Shorts: £32; Topshop. Necklace: Made.

Wow, only just realising how dreadful I look on these pictures guys! Oh well. The damage is done now...lets just hope I didn't look like this all day!!
Yes, I know...I am wearing the same shorts as yesterday (sorry!) I do have a habit of doing that though. I can't just wear something for one day I nearly always drag it onto the next, mainly because I wake up later and it's just whatever is on the floor next to my bed (I know...shoot me!)
Moving onto my outfit though. My shirt (which you can only see the collar of) is from a vintage shop in Leeds that I can't remember the name of but for anyone that knows Leeds it's near Blue Rinse! It was only £18 and I always wear shirts so I thought it was quite a good price for the amount of times I'm going to wear it. My jumper is from Tee and Cake which is sold at Topshop and when I saw it I literally had to have it. As you've probably already guessed I do like a bit of 'geek chic' and so fell in love instantly. I probably made a mistake getting my usual size 6 (this is simply because I'm short not because I have a gorgeously slim figure, just putting it out there!) as it is a bit of a struggle fitting anything under it and does have a tendency to make me look like I have the arms of a six foot tall wrestler! But I did get a compliment on my jumper today from the girl working in Blue Rinse which put me in a good mood!! The shorts -as I have already mentioned, are just the same from yesterdays post. My necklace -which to be honest, is hardly visible in any of the pictures was just made from a chain off an old Primark necklace and some rings I got in the Miss Selfridge jewelry sale for a couple of pounds. So yes everyone, I did 'double denim it' slightly today but everyone needs to double up on the denim at least once and I actually think it looks pretty nice just as long as both pieces are in different shades.
Well I'm 99% sure I have some form of college work I should be doing so I'll leave you there.
Oh and one final thing. Reading this back it seems as if brackets and exclamation marks are my thing today - ooops.

Listening to; The Stone Roses-I Wanna Be Adored

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  1. Nice look, i am in love with american flag short :)