Saturday, 10 December 2011

And our love could have soared

Blouse: £45; Pins and Needles at Urban Outfitters. Jumper: £12; Vintage. Skirt: £10; Urban Outfitters (Sale)

Not really sure as to what to put considering this is my first real post (apart from that pathetic excuse for an 'about me' but we'll try and forget about that as quick as we can!). 
Just went out for a short while today so chucked on my usual 'uniform' of a shirt/blouse, jumper and a skirt or shorts with a pair of tights. I swear everything I wear looks similar to the school uniform I was supposed to wear a few years ago. I guess it must have inadvertently influenced me being around a few hundred people all dressed the same each and everyday!
I absolutely love this jumper and wear it probably far more than I should but -and not intentionally trying to sound boring and like a 60 year old woman! it literally goes with anything and is one of the comfiest things that I own in my wardrobe. The blouse was a bit of a 'I've got money and I'm going to spend it' buy which considering how much it was (I wouldn't normally spend that much on clothes if I'm honest) was at the time a bit of a mistake. I haven't really worn it much since I got it but will definitely start because I'm now realising how much of my wardrobe it compliments. With the skirt I just couldn't resist and considering it's from Urban Outfitters I think the price was quite reasonable even for the sale!
Went shopping for a bit today with the mother but didn't really spend any money (for the main reason I have none to spend!) I did get a couple of bits from Primark. One being a lovely dress that I shall blog about some other time, maybe tomorrow if my English and History work get too much for me to handle!!!
Well, that wasn't half as grueling as I thought it would be!!

Listening to; Bombay Bicycle Club-Always Like This


  1. your jumper and blouse combo is really nice :) x

  2. I love the colour of your hair wow, and love this outfit x