Saturday, 17 December 2011

She don't think straight

Denim shirt: £18; Vintage. Jumper: £18; Vintage. Leggings: £14; Topshop. Belt: £5; H&M (Old)

Well I didn't really do much today but thought I'd still do an outfit post! I've have unintentionally done something that I hate though...wear something that consists of mainly 'vintage' clothes I promise I'm not trying to be 'hipster' I just prefer vintage to most other clothes I think they have so much more character and you can almost guarantee you won't end up wearing the same thing as someone else!
The jumper is one I bought yesterday on my shopping trip (which I blogged about here) . It was only £18 which I thought was quite a good price and is from Blue Rinse in Leeds, one of my favourite shops by far!! I just wore a denim shirt underneath with I have already blogged about here, to create my ever famous (in my own head of course) shirt and jumper combo I always seem to stick to. Then I just chucked on a pair of Topshop leggings, which are actually amazing! I was a bit dubious about paying £14 for a pair of leggings (I'm normally and £2 Primark leggings kind of girl!) But they're are really thick material and amazingly warm. Plus, they suck my tummy and legs in a bit which MUST be a good thing!!
Well, I'll leave it there before I start talking complete rubbish and will probably post either tomorrow or Monday about what else I got on my little shopping trip the other day! Speak soon!

Listening to; Go Back To The Zoo-Beam Me Up

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