Wednesday, 14 December 2011

She said I'm going use my teeth and my breasts

Cape: Originally £25 Bought for £5 (Off a friend); River Island. T-Shirt: £35; Urban Outfitters. Shorts: £32; Topshop.

Once again, apologies for my hair and make up. It all relates back to my whole 'not being able to look amazing all day' thing! Sorry, also, for slacking on the blogging yesterday, I was having a 'down day' (which I normally do around this time of year, unfortunately!) So I wouldn't have been much fun and would have probably spent most of my blog complaining and putting everyone else in as bad of a mood as myself!
Moving on though, I did vow that I would always try and blog true to what I actually wore but, alas, I have already fallen at that hurdle! I did slightly alter what I wore today before I took the pictures simply because the top and jumper I wore today I had already mentioned in my blog and considering the small amount of posts I didn't want to become 'samey' too quickly!
The cape was originally from River Island but I got it off a friend at a fraction of the price when she realised that she didn't have anything in her wardrobe she could wear with it (yay for me!) It is such a good piece to have because it is good to throw on over whatever your wearing to keep you warm and I love the faux fur detail on it. The shorts have become another staple of mine (as well as the vintage shorts I blogged about the other day) They literally go with anything and don't make my legs look as fat as they are in reality's not all bad! The t-shirt is one of my favorites and yes - I did buy it because I am a huge Nirvana fan not just for novelty value (one of my pet hates!!!)
Well not really much to say about my outfit today -mainly because it isn't particularly interesting! So I am once again going to love and leave you there!

Listening to; Passion Pit-Sleepyhead

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