Monday, 12 December 2011

Now is not the time for liberal thought

Polo: £?; Fred Perry (Brothers). Jumper: £10; Primark. Shorts: £25; Vintage

Only going to be a short post today as I got in late from college and have vast amounts of work I am far to behind on for my liking! Anyway, please do excuse my outfit, the state of the pictures, my hair and my make up! I've never being good at the whole 'look good all day' thing so, therefore, whenever I've actually done any sort of activity during the day I go completely to pot! 
Not really a very interesting outfit today as I managed to wake up with about 15- 20 minutes before I had to be out of the house and at the train station this morning. I might as well have not bothered rushing though as all the trains were either cancelled or delayed due to 'signalling problems', damn public transport!! So I managed to be a whole half an hour late for English anyway but what are you going to do, eh?!
As I have already mentioned when in doubt I will always go back to the trusted shorts, tights and jumper combo which is exactly what I did in my manic dressing session this morning! The polo was bought for my brother as a birthday present a few years ago but -and if you ever had the pleasure of meeting my brother!, you would know he wasn't the sort to wear a polo so I cheekily stole it for myself and really love it. It is easy to throw on and the collar looks lovely out the top of a jumper. My jumper was another thing I purchased this weekend on my first trip to Primark for ages and considering the price is really nice. I would definitely recommend it because it is so easy to put over other items and will go with most things. My shorts are my trusty go-to item and I practically live in them! They are vintage and from a shop called 'Blue Rinse' in Leeds and are basically a pair of Levi Jeans made into shorts but are just completely amazing.
Right, I'll love you and leave you there before I bore you with anymore stories of lateness!!

Listening to; Hole-Celebrity Skin

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