Saturday, 10 December 2011


Thinking I should probably start this whole 'blogging' thing with an introduction so I'm not a complete stranger. It will, however, be completely and utterly terrible as 'about me's' etc. aren't exactly my strong point. In fact I find the whole 'introduction' thing pretty cringy and awkward. This is partly the reason I'm not a 'social butterfly' and would much rather have my few close friends that I can trust completely than 'hanging around' in a big group of people to make myself feel better and look popular.
Well, I'm Jade Jarvis, sixteen and live in Leeds in West Yorkshire, which isn't all bad it could be worse. I go to Park Lane College and study A Levels (English, History and Sociology) but the less said about that place and the course the better I think!
I tend to get along quite easily with people unless they're a twat to me...then I don't ever really forget it. I'm mainly like this not because I'm some sort of 'everyone deserves a fair chance' good doer but simply because I can't be arsed and it wrecks my 'go with the flow' attitude. That in mind though I can be pretty annoying and clingy because I can't stand to be on my own and hate having time to think -but don't worry, I shall spare you the details of that! I, also, tend to be a sarcastic little prick (unintentionally, of course!) which, in a way I suppose, goes hand in hand with being annoying. I genuinely don't mean it though, believe it or not I actually think I'm being a regular comedian (yes, even when I'm the only one laughing)
I really like listening to music and honestly don't know what I would do without my beloved i-pod that I treat like a child. I've got as well, you should have a look. I listen to good shit! Ok, admittedly it's mainly Bloc Party but they're amazing so leave me alone!
I decided to start this blog just because I thought it would be good to actually make myself do something slightly productive every once in a while. No, apparently in my head 3 a levels -2 of which I have exams for in January and a piece of coursework due that same week for the other, isn't enough to keep me occupied (did I'm mention I have no concept of the word 'priority'?) So yeah, I most likely won't post anything interesting but I will try, I promise!
I know that for the duration of writing this I just completely deluded myself into thinking someone will actually take the time to read it but oh well! It cured my boredom for about 10 - 15 minutes so it's all cool!

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